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Is this right

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went and looked at a truck today 1985 f-350 4x4 4 speed 460 he wants 800 dollars for the truck the bad, balancer came apart broke the timing cover and also broke the chain witch is not a major fix but I noticed it did not have the hachet weight on it is this right for this year motor maybe this is y the balancer came apart thanks for any help
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assuming its the original engine, it would be external balance... and yes if the weight werent there it could cause that damage
once the balancer come apart, how long does it take for the internal parts of the engine to start tearing themselves apart?

the balancer could have broken the blade off the hatchet!

This is some of the things i am worried about and if some one took the weight off how long did they run it for is there any way to know if this motor was suposed to have the weight on it with out tearing the motor down
Pull the pan and find the casting number on the crank only way to know for sure.
if it has a king pin dana 60 front it self is $800 in value.
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