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J.B. Weld and or aluminum welding

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Here's a stupid question.

I was able to obtain the stock serpentine style accessory bracket for the powersteering and A/C on a 88-96 Ford Truck's 460. I need to glue or weld the lower part of an alternator mounting bracket to the stock 460 bracket, where the A/C compressor would normally be.

I can't weld (no tools or skill) and I'm not sure how to set it properly and then have someone else weld it. Would you trust JB weld to hold the lower alternator bracket in place, technically holding all of the load for the alternator?

If not, any ideas on how I can set the aluminum pieces in place for welding?
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I have seen some elaborate and scary epoxy repairs that worked, but I don't think epoxy would be a good long-term option for this job.

To position everything for welding, a simple flat plat with a few holes drilled at the right places could serve as a fixture. Add some bolt and spacers, and maybe a couple of clamps, and that should work.

Be aware that serpentine belts cannot tolerate the misalignment that v-belts can, so make sure the pulleys are lined up with each other and not running at an angle to the belt.

The best option would be to find a bracket that does what you want. If not a production item, maybe something aftermarket. Hopefully someone here can put you on to a bracket that will do what you want.
I think after reading around the 'net about JB Weld, this probably isn't the time for me to use it and hope for a positive long-term effect. I'll do my best to get it all clamped together and get it some place for welding.

I actually bought a laser pulley alignment tool, a while back, so, in that regard, I should be able to get it setup properly.
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