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Jim Cunningham

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Well the circus is in town and we are part of the act this year. So as we were setting up and getting the car tech'ed we have ran right by the Prostock pit and noticed Jim hanging out all day and acknowledging me and the wife every time we passed buy. So I finally stopped and asked him what heads they are running. Well it's the Hemi head and from there we talked for an hour. I must say he is the nicest Pro racer I have every talked to and even took time to talk to the wife as well. He invited use back to the trailer anytime we want mainly because we both have a FORD thing in common.

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He is a very nice guy. When he was here a couple of years ago with the Escort I bet we talked for over an hour. I sure am glad to see he is doing well. I'm wondering if Ford will ever produce the wedge after all?
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