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In December jmood45 (aka Jason Moody) sent me 1/2 a set of headers - the kind that is made up of eight separate pipes.

They almost went to the landfill today because I'm tired of looking at them but I thought I'd give one more try at finding out who they were supposed to go to, so here it is.

If no one claims them they will get landfilled next week.

Here's how to do it - tell me which cylinder numbers these are for. Then send me a UPS tag so I can get them the heck outta here. The box is around four feet long and maybe 10 inches square and weighs about 21 lbs.

There was a member who tried to get me to send them on, but all those messages disappeared when the board crashed a while back. And I'm still not sure it wasn't Jason trying to get them back...

Let me know,

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