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BBF 532 build for 18ft jet boat. Dyno'd with long tube headers, installing lightning water jacketed headers once in the boat.

Offenhauser Turbo Thrust tunnel ram
2x Holley 750's

Cylinder Heads:
Trick Flow PowerPort 325 heads
Crane gold roller rockers
Crane girdle

Short Block:
Stock block .080 over with oiling mods
4.300 forged Scat crank
6.800 Scat h-beam rods
Icon -22cc dish pistons
Crane solid roller cam R-268/420-2-10
268/278 734 lift
10.77:1 compression
Kaase oil pump
Armando's racing oil pan

91 Octane


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35* seems like a lot for that head. I dyno'd a very similar deal (no TR, slightly smaller cam), and it picked up everywhere moving from 34* down to 30*. Similar numbers overall thought, good results!
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