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Just figured I would make this post before I started asking questions on here again. I have been away from the idea of a big block for a couple years now and now that I am a little older and wiser I can finally start my quest again to have a bbf fox chassis car. I have been through a couple mustangs, and now have a 1986 t-top Gt one of my favorite mustangs and my ideal swap car. They motor is going to be a 1977 f250 engine with a C6 that I will hopefully be going to get in a couple days. I have gone through almost all of the pages of posts on this site so this time my questions hopefully will not be to newbie. I am looking forward to becoming a part of this bbf community and not just a bystander this time around.
Also is there anyone on here from RI or MA. Just nice to see some local BBF cars.

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