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I bought a '69 460 to hot rod and aparently this motor didn't get alot of miles on it before it was pulled out. The bores are in excellent shape as were the valve guides in the heads. As I see it, the money I save not boring it can be put elsewhere in the engine project or getting the car to hook up without breaking the rearend. The 9" I've been running has stock 28 spline axles, a mini-spool and I use BFG drag radials. With my current motor I haven't had any trouble, (yet) but the 460 might not be as forgiving.

It looks like the least I'll do is have the crank turned and have everything spin balanced.
You'd think findind a set of standard bore pistons capable of 12:1 with the C9VE-A heads would be a breeze, but so far no good. The KB137's looked great until I noticed the disclaimer about '72 and earlier blocks. Any ideas guys? I'd like to stay under $500 on pistons. If anyone has ran the KB's on a early block and used decent sized cam without disaster let me know. My cam is right at .600 lift on both valves. Thanks for any help.

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George Huff
(no login) KB'S
No score for this post November 25 2001, 10:42 AM

You need to check your actual deck height to be sure. If the KB'S are .022 in the hole on a 72, the might be zero on your 69. Are you having the block decked? If so you'll want to bore it after to keep everthing square. Hope this helps, George

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(no login) Re: KB'S
No score for this post December 7 2001, 9:51 PM

I inquired to KB about the early block and KB piston incompatability. They told me that if the early block is decked to square it up, there may not be adequate piston deck clearance, so to be on the safe side they stated that the pistons weren't designed for use with the early lower blocks.

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(no login) KB pistons
No score for this post December 8 2001, 9:54 AM

Thanks for your info guys, I looked around and decided on SRP flatops. I'm just going to have my block redone .030 even though the bores are still nice... Fresh start I geuss. I've got to mention how light the SRP pistons are, really nice pieces. I had a set of JE pistons made for a 400 a few years ago and they were heavier than these 460 pistons. Wierd considering JE and SRP are one in the same.
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