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I put this here instead if the auction block because I'm not selling these and they aren't BBF parts. Jones, If it shoudln't be here please feel free to move it.

This is not spam. Longtime member here and I just wanted to spread the word a killer deal to the other members here. It's on high end oem Ford car stereo speakers CHEAP. I'm not sure what the original application was, but they have a Ford part # on the back and a Ford wiring harness plug. They are made by JBL. They are 5X7, which is what 99% of all late model Ford cars and trucks use. If you own any late model Ford, you really should buy these.

A buddy of mine just bought some for his Mustang and after I heard them I just bought 8. 4 for my F350 and 4 for my GT500. They sound MUCH better than the factory speakers which are just dual cone and not a true 2-way. My buddy had the Shaker 1000 in his Mustang and I have the Shaker 500. These are better.

You can't beat it for $4.88 each or only $4.25 each if you buy 4+. My order was $34 for 8 + $12 shipping. Total of $46


Links to some more pics from another forum (where my buddy found out about them)




The original oem speakers they replaced:


David Cole

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That was nice of you to post that.. I'd like to get 4 as well.

The links to Shelby need a login to view.. :cry:

Thank you!
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