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king cobra water in cylinder sh-----t

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hi just rebuilt my omc king cobra with all the help from this forum
motor is 88 omc king cobra d9 block decked .20 stock trw forged flat tops with plasma moly rings d3 heads mild ported per scotys site larger valves comp 276ah-10 suggested by paul kane comp 926 springs all new bearings water pump oil pump early timing chain felpro head and intake gaskets victor intake from lem evans and an 850 holley marine carb standard wet exhaust manifolds motor fired right up for break in noticed some steam from the exhaust during break in but motor did not overheat stayed at 160 on the garden hose with muffs after break in changed oil looked good but tried to restart motor did not want to turn over pulled the plugs and had water in the right side cylinder holes blew out holes dried plugs and with no water on the motor fired right up my question is if the manifolds test good could a intake gasket cause this? there is no water in the oil at all this was a good running motor before i just tore it down to freshen it up by the way when it was breaking in it sounded awesome and at an idle real snappy and lopey
sorry for the long post
thank you

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First thing I'ed do is check that right exhaust manifold and elbow, if is getting in all the right cylinders then its most not likely an intake gasket. if its a wet manifold and elbow it probably your culpret.
update king cobra water in cylinder sh-----t

well i plugged the water hoses to the exhaust manifolds removed the plugs put water directly into the water intake on the water pump charged the hose and no leaks into the cylinders or any where else going to remove the manifolds and have them pressure checked thanks again for pointing me in the right direction

thank you
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