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labor day ? jeff

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hey jeff you got any plans for that weekend? torn between going to iron horse that day or gussies .out of the points for gussies but in first with UMRA.jeff are you planning on coming back to miles this month? last race at miles i ran a 4.25 to that hard times orange s-10's 3.9.i think with a better stall converter i might catch him,if not i'll change intakes and put in a bigger cam over the winter
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Not sure what we are doing!! I have a lot of irons in the fire right now. Labor day weekend we always go to the Mississippi Flatheading. We also have a catfish tournament that we have entered for years. But...

I think we will be between motorhomes at that point so we have no rolling motel!!

We have a bunch of friends going to "Iron Horse" that want us to go, and that was sure a good time last time we raced there. They have good rules. Good track. Good people.Great bands. and that hillclimb was pretty cool to watch!!

So I'm unsure what the future holds. We personally won't go to gussies. Too many negatives there.

You gotta be crazy chasing "Hard Times"!! But I sure admire your determination. Rich, I'm not saying you can't pull it off. But he's running a gutted mini truck with a V8 with aftermarket heads!!!

Your running driving your truck to the races, full sized on pump gas!! You guys are like 3 classes apart and you want a piece of that "Chibby!"

Rich your my HERO!!:D

BOMB is clean but still broken. I gotta get it apart !!

Thanks for the invite!!

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