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locked front = less stress??

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heard through the grapevine with both front wheels spinning its less stress on them compared to spinning one at a time, even though with a one wheel peel if one wheel got to much traction wouldnt the spiders just push it to the other wheel???????????? :confused:
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Locked front is a lot harder on everything else, including you trying to turn the wheel.
IMO unless its for competition only i'd stay away from a locked front.
open or limited slip is best.
Even in most straight line mud drags, the open front is better. My times dropped and the truck went much faster when I pulled the spool out of the front and went back to open. Plus I didn't break a shaft every time the truck slid and hit a wall. Now it jsut keeps on going!
Never, never, never lock the front end! Did I mention never?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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