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1972 ford l/b 4x4

standard cab
ford dark blue.very solid body/paint
frame sand blasted and painted.
60 front{hd mile marker lock outs}
gm 14 bolt rear.
np435 trans. np 205 t-case
4.56 gears.
hyd. steering.
tilt nose.and oem lift.
20 gal. fuel cell
elec. fuel pump
472 cid bbf
650hp at 7,500rpm
ported dove heads with power plates
14.1 comp.
solid roller
outside the frame headers.
dominator carb,victor intake.
80lbs oil pressure
11 qt milidon oil pan
newer 35" bfg at tires.

NOT hacked or cobbled up.
will sell with or w/o motor.

pm if interested.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts