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Hi Guys,

I'm a regular lurker on this forum, even from way back when it was on Network54.

I recently bought a performance workshop in Sao Paulo Brazil and am looking to bring some serious First World parts and knowledge to Brazil. There are very few small and big block Fords running around and those that make it into the top national car magazines or race arena are typically using products more commonly associated with Chev, such as Brodix etc than FORD. Brands such as Danny Bee, TFS, Jon Kaase Racing Engines, CHI, Ford Racing (YES even Ford Racing!) are simply not known in these parts.

I left my 460 Big Block in Australia and am engineless here in Brazil. I've searched high and low for engines and parts and to be honest there is not much out there and what is out there has either been junked by people who normally work on a Chevy or it is just plain junk period.

I'm looking for dealerships with respectable and reputable companies that are interested in helping start a new wave of Ford domination in Brazil. Fords are out there and running, but they are running at the back of the pack because of a lack of high quality parts, high quality tuning and a sever lack of some of that 'ol magic that I so often see on this forum.

We are a MoTeC certified dealer and a dealer for a number of other excellent brands already, but we have nothing for the small and big block Ford. If you are interested in extending your reach into international markets (via our Freight Forward in Miami) then I'd like to discuss building a solid business relationship with you.

There are a bunch of really neat guys on this forum and a bunch of excellent dealers / fabricators with excellent products. I hope I can get some of these brands and products down here to Brazil to show 'em how it's done!

If you are interested in talking with me, please PM (Private Message) me and I'll email you back with all of our contact details, a list of references so you can cross check our purchasing and payment record and I'll outline where I can see your products placed in our market. For those members of the forum I either met at PRI or have already emailed directly, you can ignore this message!

Best Regards,
Steve Kalpins
MoTeC Certified Tuner
Race Art Performance
http://www.raceart.com.br/ (currently being updated!)
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