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I am going to start trying to sell my house within the next couple weeks and I need to get rid of all these ‘extra’ parts.

Link to pictures.

Picture # / Description / Cost /
001 Power steering pump and bracket off 88 Thunderbird w/ a 2.3 turbo $5
Power steering pump and bracket off 96 Mustang w/ a 3.8 V6 $10
Air box assembly off 96 Mustang V6 w/ a 3.8L V6 $10
Air box assembly from 91 Mustang, 2.3 NA $5
002 K member from 96 Mustang (includes R&P mounts/bushings) $15
No shipping
Bumper ‘shocks’ from 91 Mustang $free
No shipping
003 (4) Iroc rims. One is bent. 16x7” $65
004, 034, 035 Front brake setup from 91 Mustang (2.3 NA) $15
The pads have plenty of life left and rotors are good
Brake booster from 91 Mustang $10
005 Koni single adjustable struts (91 Mustang) $125
006 Cut, rotated, and gutted upper intake for 2.3 turbo $30
Note: Too tall for stock Mustang hood…I used it for a few months
before modding another one. It worked fine.
Throttle body and IAC from 91 Mustang (2.3 NA) $5
Note: I had this on my 2.3 Turbo for a year or so and it worked fine.
But it used a different connector to the TPS.
007 Cut and gutted upper intake from 88 T-bird (2.3 T) $20
008 Rear disc setup from 88 T-bird (2.3 T) $20
Rusty and missing mounting brackets
009 Stock replacement 88 T-bird (2.3 T) clutch/flywheel. About 15k miles $25
Couldn’t hold the engine back at the drag strip. I replaced it with a Spec III+ immediately after noticing it slip at the strip. Should work fine for an
engine with <300 hp.
010 Stock MAF from 96 Lincoln (4.6L) $30
011 460 BBF camshaft (never been in motor) Hydraulic/ non-roller $75
Lunati part# 61605 284* advertised duration .582” lift
Picture #037 shows the time card specs
012 DeltaGate external wastegate $90
013 FMU w/ lines for Mustang hookup. New, never used $50
014 – 016 (2) SBC Chrome dress-up kit (Price is for one) $20
One set is dusty, but has extra valve covers and timing cover
017 Strut tower brace (off 91 Mustang) $45
018 – 019 (2) 460 Flexplates (one has less than 10k miles) $10
(2) 390 Flywheels $20
020 460 Victor intake w/ some crappy ‘port matching’ (wasn’t me!) $155
021 EEC Tuner installed in LA3 Version 1.82 $350
Includes everything in photo
022 (2) 4” stainless steel mandrel bends $35
023 Mega Squirt w/ IAC, MAPDADDY, etc. New, Never assembled $375
MS230-K $250
> > > MapDaddy $60 (4-bar)
> > > Mk-fordiac $3
> > > MSStim-K $40
> > > MSHarness $68
> > > IATwPiggy $21 IAT Sensor
> > > 38NPT-Bung_S $8 Bung for mounting IAT sensor (steel
> > > weld on, or JB-Weld on)
> > > TuneCable $6.50
> > > USB-2920 $22
> > > Subtotal -- $478.50
024 Ported and polished 2.3 head (dual plug) $150
025 NP205 <10k miles since gone rebuilt. Powdercoated. Married. $150
It’s been sitting for ~2 years.
No Shipping
026 (4) 88 T-bird rims (priced for set) $75
027 88 T-bird bumper (no shipping) $free
028 88 T-bird bumper support (no shipping) $free
029 88 T-bird (2.3 T) air box setup $5
030 96 Mustang V6 exhaust (include O2 sensors and convertors) $50
031 96 Mustang V6 tubular headers $15
032 88 T-bird (2.3T) front brakes. RUSTY $15

I also have a R&P from a 96 Mustang. No tie rods. ~100k miles. Worked fine. $15
I also have a 7.5” rear axle from a 96 Mustang. No axles or brakes. 2.73’s $50
No Shipping.

77 Ford F250 4x4, 8” lift, 39.5” Boggers, Drive anywhere.
Lots of details available…just ask. Click for truck pictures.

1991 Mustang 2.3 turbo
This car has been my DD for over five years. I bought it stock and have slowly upgraded virtually everything involved with the drivetrain. Lots of details available…just ask.
Click for 91 Mustang pictures.

1993 Ford Mustang Rolling chassis: No motor, transmission, front clip, interior, drivers side door…and it is wrecked on the passenger side. It’s missing other misc parts and has NO TITLE. This is only good for a circle track car or fitment purposes so your DD isn’t down to make headers, mounts, etc.
$125 No Shipping

For the vehicles that I’m selling, I am only interested in a few trades. A ‘newish’ truck with no mechanical problems, good body/paint, and interior. ‘Newish’ can be anywhere from early 90’s to upper 90’s depending on what it is. It can be 2 or 4-wheel drive, but can not be lowered. It can be full size or ‘Ranger’ size. I don’t care about engine size really. I like extended cabs. If you have something that warrants it, I can give you my car(s) + $$$. I’m not looking for a $10k vehicle though. Let me know what you have and I’ll tell you if I’m interested in a trade. Please be realistic on the trade you’re asking about though. I’m not looking to trade a 1990 ranger 4-banger straight across.

I can easily get more pictures on any of this stuff. The prices do not include shipping. All shipping quotes will include shipping & INSURANCE. On the stuff that cost less than $15 (excluding shipping), I will ship on Friday unless I ship a larger item earlier in the week.

I will only accept Paypal. Please add 3% to the total price. Since my primary concern is getting this stuff sold before I move, there is no ‘dibs’. I have this advertisement on multiple sites and don’t have the time to keep track of who was first to call ‘dibs’. If, by chance, I get two payments for the same item, I will decline the later one and accept the first one. If declined, you WILL NOT be responsible for any Paypal fees. Excluding weekends, I check my email several times a day and will make every effort to keep this list updated.

I have made every effort to make sure this list is error free. I’m human though. Upon initial contact, I will verify every thing being discussed. This is to make sure everybody knows exactly what they’re getting.

Some prices are more negotiable than others. Some of this stuff, I have absolutely no use for. Other parts, I wouldn’t be upset if I kept. Feel free to make REASONABLE offers. If I’m asking $10, please don’t try “$5 shipped?”. Depending on what it is, $10 shipped may or may not fly.

Have a good day!

Sorry about the format, everything lined up in Microsoft Word.

Three pages long…Damn, I wrote another novel!
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