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Hooker Mufflers
These mufflers were only run for ~3 weeks or so and are still 'just-as-good-as-new'. They are Hooker Maximum Flow Mufflers with 2.5" inlets and outlets.


$100 shipped and insured

(2) Electric fans

I bought these fans from a junk yard about a year ago and installed them on my BBF Mustang. They done a good job of keeping it cool. I 'think' they came off a ~97 Taurus, but I'm not positive. If it matters, I can provides numbers off the fans.

You'll get the two fans, two pigtails, and two sets of mounting clips (from the Taurus) that make it very easy to mount these fans.

Guaranteed not to be DOA.

$85 shipped & insured

Adjustable Koni Struts
I bought these (already used) and sold the car I was going to put them on. Therefore, I'm putting them up for sale.

http://www.globalwest.net/Koni Shocks from Global West Suspension.htm

8741-1121 Sport

They cost $348 per set from Global West. For a quick sale, I'll sell them for $225. I'm taking a loss at this price, but oh well...

Mustang Spring Perches
I bought these from PA Racing to go with the PA Racing k-member I bought. You use these on a K-member that doesn’t have the spring perches built-in. They were bolted on, but never driven on. I decided to go with coilovers and didn't need them.

$35 shipped

Crower Valve Springs
I bought these springs used. The following is what the seller said about them:

"The springs were only used for two 30 lap races. These are in like new condition. Specs for these springs are as follows: Tungsalloy Dual springs 473lb/in spring rate Outer Diameter 1.565" Installed height 1.950" Coil Bind 1.100" 215 lbs seat pressure/584 lbs open @ 1.200"

I ended up not using them because I went with a different spring.

I'm 98% sure these are the Crower part # 68369-16, but I'm not positive since I didn't buy them new.


$75 shipped

L & L Conversion Motor Mounts


I used these to install a 460 in a Bronco I used to own. They held the HP great and I never had a problem with them. They're still in great shape and are ready to rock-n-roll again!


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Have a good day!

Edit: 1-11-08 K&N AFR Gauge Sold!
Edit: 3-27-08 Rocker arm studs sold and stereo equipment removed from listing
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