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I would like to ask some of you who have experience with fox mustangs to give me some opinions about a low profile light weight build. No aluminum blocks.
I'm looking at the AFR heads to avoid the China wall spacers, torker 2 intake with no carb spacer. I will need an air cleaner, not a race car. Will I need a certain distributor to clear better?
I know I will have to space the MM k member down some. But my goal is to keep all of this under a 2 inch MAX cowl hood and try to offset as much of the extra weight as I can in other ways.
Is this doable within reason? If so what will the low profile setup cost in terms of performance? This will be a pump gas street car with a MM suspension a 6 speed. Not decided yet on gearing but 3.55 ish gears probably.
Thanks in advance!
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