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Mallory distributor question

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Hi guys. I talked to Pertronix the other day to figure out what kit I need for my distributor. It is a Mallory, Dual Points, YC516HP is the model number on it which is what I told Pertronix. Now, they gave me two possibilities depending on exactly which dist. I have.

1. Reverse Polarity, Double Life 4-lobes

2. 8 lobes

How exactly do I figure out which one I have? I mean, I guess I would coutn the cam lobes but in all honesty I don't know what those are/look like. My only guess would be the piece in the center that spins and makes contact with the points but I don't want to "guess" so.

thanks in advance for the help guys!
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That is exactly what you need to count the number of flat spots is what they are looking for.
That is exactly what you need to count the number of flat spots is what they are looking for.
Thanks, that is what I thought but I wanted to make 100% sure!

How are Dual Points themselves? The distributor only has a couple hundred miles on it so I was thinking about just using it as-is for now just to get the motor up and running and spending that money on an ignition box instead.
dual points

They will work great, you just need to check the gap every now and then, on an 8 lobe Mallory its 020 , I can't remember the 4 lobe. By the way you can run the 8 lobe dist on 1 point if you want to, two points adds dwell time if you are only using a coil, with a box it doesn't really matter,
I have a 4-lobe unit... plan to run an MSD 6A or something similar along with a decent coil. I will be running a little nitrous next year, probably a 200 shot or so.
as for my gap, assuming between the point and the flat, .06mm fits through smoothly, .07mm it a snugger fit. I think that is like .0025". I can get the .08mm through it but not easily.
Nevermind... Summit Racing has my back...
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