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ok, i know its not technically a ford but... i have 1976 mark IV pucci. 58,000 miles. with the 460 engine,,

currently i have to start it with a shot of starter fluid because the access pump isn't getting gas in there. (planning on replacing wth a holley replacement)\

anyway, here is what happens,, i get the car started, it runs maybe 3 or 4 minutes, then the engine light comes on and the buzzer goes off there is quite a bit of engine shake,, after about another 5 minutes or so, the light and the buzzer goes off.

couldnt anyone provide me with a potential diagnosis and solution, the manual seems to go to egr stuff,, but i am just wondering is it taking the fuel a little while to get to the engine,, and is all carburetor related. oil was changed in 2019, and its clean now. any thoughts would be appreciated

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