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These are pretty good... :lol: :lol:

Doug... 8)

Q. What is the first thing a blonde hears in the morning?
A. "See ya."

Q. What is the first thing a brunette hears in the morning?
A. "Sssshh. I have to call my wife."

What kind of costumes do brunette girls wear on Halloween ?

They just stand on their heads and go as dirty mops.

What do you call a brunette in a room full of blondes?


Q:What do you call a brunette who dies her hair blonde?
A:Artifical Stupidity

And last but most certainly not least.... :lol: :wink:

A blonde gets pulled over by the police for speeding. "Ma'am you were going 75 miles an hour and the speed limit is 65." says the police officer.

"Oh I am sorry. I thought I was going a little over 60." says the blonde. "You were not! You were going 100 at least." says her husband.

"I have to give you a ticket bacause your tailight is broken." says the officer. "Oh I had never noticed that." says the blonde. "You've known about that for at laest 2 weeks." says the blonde's husband.

"I also have to give you a ticket because you are not wearing your seatbelt." says the officer. " Oh I thought I was." says the blonde. " You never wear your seatbelt." says the blonde's husband.

" SHUTTTTTUPPPPPP!!!!!!!" yelled the blonde to her husband.

" Sir. Does she always talk to you like this?" asks the officer.

" No. Only when she is drunk." says the husband

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The funny thing is if you were actually telling the joke, I wuld die laughing, every time we talk you always have me laughing about some stupid ****.
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