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McLeod 12" Flywheel, Pressure Plate, and Clutch Disc For Sale

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For anyone interested, I finally have all my stuff out and cleaned up. I only have 2500 miles on this setup since installed brand new. I decided to go back to a C6, so that's why I took it all out.

McLeod Flywheel 463222 (No heat cracks, bolt right in, cleaned up surface rust on outside with wire wheel) $200 - includes shipping

McLeod Pressure Plate 360650 (No heat cracks, bolt right up) $150 - includes shipping

McLeod Clutch Disc 260863 (Plenty of material left, bolt right up) $100 - includes shipping

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Clutch assy

Package deal for flywheel/clutchassy and bell housing? I will take it all.
Chuck 630-917-0801
Where we you a month ago? I just bought one of those flywheels. Arg.

Tech question, what's the actual weight on that flywheel? Mine brand new was 34.6lbs. I called McLeod about it and they said, oh well, I guess that's what they weigh. I'm a little pissed because my stock wheel is 30lbs, and I certainly didn't want to add more weight to it.
I responded to your post about wanting one tall69. You didn't respond back, so I took my time getting this one ready to sell. Oh well.....I haven't weighed mine, but yeah, it's suppose to be 30lbs.

This sale is pending with bowsher21....I will post back if sold.

These parts were SOLD to Chuck. Thanks again Chuck!

Got the stuff today.
Nice and clean and in real good shape as described.
Thanks to PatFromJersey
I'm glad you're happy with it Chuck. Chuck was a great guy to deal with, for anyone with any future business with him.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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