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Measured pushrods!

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Well I measured my pushrods and came up with 8.7"Int. and 8.75" Ex.
This was with comp stainless rockers, frpp solid roller cam, there crane lifters, and dove heads with stainless 351c valves, no lash caps.
In a previous post I was concerned with the 5/16" ball ends but it turns out that is all my lifters will accept. In my measurements I also included the
.017" for the ball end radius.

How does this all sound?

With these lengths it moves or sweeps the least on the valve tips and start just off center of the valve. .050" more or less on either intake or exaust it increases the sweeping motion dramatically.
Right now at 1/2 cam lift the pushrod is square to the pushrod cup or seat in the rocker itself and fully outboard on the sweeping motion, and from there on it moves back towards the valve centerline.

Did I miss anything?
All comments welcome and thanks in advance!:)
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Anybody? I did a search prior to starting and learned as much as I possibly could, is there somthing I may have missed, or just good to go?
I'm not sure but, that is a longer p. rod than normal.
I thought it was kind of long as well and I seen that you suggested that to someome else Lem, with the same kind of question.
What could I be doing wrong?

When the rocker is at half lift the pushrod cup is square to the pushrod. When I was trying shorter 8.55-8.65 I lost just about .010" lift and the angle of th pushrod to the rocker cup were messed up. I believe it was at 8.55" the pushrod even with the 5/16" ball end would bind in the rocker. The angles of the pushrod were also much worse.

When I went to the [email protected]" pushrods the pushrods were much straighter and lined up in the middle of the raised comp guide plates much better. With shorter pushrods it was getting close to the bottom of the pushrod slot in the guide plate.

Also anything shorter pushrod wise that what I came up with, like .050" will increase the sweep patern on the valve by .030-.050" more.

I would think that the smaller sweep is important right?
Thanks in advance!
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