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mild budget 429 budget, cam and dove porting help

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Trying to do a bbf 429 budget build for my sons 88 mustang, to continue the bbf legacy and pass the torch to the next gen.We picked up a 71 429 9D1VE shortblock and stock DOVE heads.
Plans are use the stock poistons and rods, just install new rod and main bearings, self-port the heads (anyone know of a good how to website?) and find the right cam. have a dual plane stealth intake and 750 or 850 carb, msd dist.

I don't need a ton of power, this is going in a 2900 lb, 88 fox mustang..unlike like my4000+lb 68 Galaxie. I have a C6, and extra 3500 converter, car currently has AOD with 4.30 grear. I know I need to change to a 3.73 gear ...I wish I could stay with the AOD and 4.30, but I believe it would not last.

I know cubes are king and swapping to a 460 is great, but I am sticking with the 429 because I have it. If I remember the DOVE heads and 71 429 bottome end yeild 11-1, so I am happy with that.

So...What cam willl make good power (2500-5500), looking for a low maintenance flat (non roller)? Soould I just upgrade to a 70 429 SCJ cam spec? I know the cam is key and I want a Street driver and weekend racer.

As for the heads, I know the DOVE's can make good power when ported, so I am going to attempt to port them. Where can I find a decent video on DOVE head porting, I know the exhaust ports suck. I have access to a dremel and figure I can save some funds doing it myself. I found this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBnxQP0D-8k
Any others?

Thanks... Goal is 500HP...I know upgrade to real heads and I would be there...but this is a work with what I have budget build.

Thanks Phil

My car...http://www.popularhotrodding.com/features/0709phr_1968_ford_galaxie_500/index.html
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A Dremell won't get it done; an electric die grinder with a router speed control and carbide cutters are probably going to be necessary.
I would use a "custom" SOLID lifter camshaft.
Scott Johnson's web site is your best bet for a "how to" directional.

I have a compressor, and air grinder, will use that.
Here, check this out:

Money well spent if you're gonna port you own heads and haven't done bb ford heads before,I've completed a set of 2.25/1.76 valve doves and a set of stock valve size d3s with them so far and it helped alot with where to grind and where not to and how much to remove,what shapes you are looking for etc.
Good luck,
That's the one in the video spanking a Viper isn't it? I've watched that video quite a few times.

Wear the BBF banner high!
I don't think you are gonna get to 500hp with the stock bottom end or 5500 limit with 429 cubes. Unless ya use nitrous, those goals don't really match.
I would also measure and check your parts to get the comp ratio. Most stock ratings were a bit higher than actual. Stock parts and no machining will be closer to 10.5.
If ya go to Scotty's site for the porting, ya might also check the site for similar specs to your build. He has some different HP combs that have been dyno proven.

( I had a 429, .030 over, ported big valve C8VE heads, small roller cam, [email protected] and .620 lift, TRW 2366 pistons, 2-1/8 headers, RPM intake, modified 850 Holley dp. Made 500hp or so at 6300. Can't remember much else, was a LONG time ago.)
thanks...450 hp will due

Thanks, I know how hard HP is with stock parts, just need enough to move the car into the 11.90 range w/o nitrous.

I have an extra 514 stroker crank but need rods and pistons..
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