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Pulled out the little 351W in my 84 F250, replaced it with a 1973 460 out of a Lincoln. Modifications are 4100 Autolite, small RV cam, and headers. Pull a 24' enclosed trailer, would like more grunt. Has stock CI intake, D3VE heads. Truck has T-18 trans, 4.10 gears. Would D0VE heads help? Aluminum intake?

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(no login) Increase compresson and cam timing
No score for this post December 24 2000, 1:46 PM

By replacing the D3 heads with D0VE you will increase the compresson about 1.5 points. From 8.0 to 1 to about 9.5 to 1. This is an approxamation due to manufacturing tolerances such as deck height and cumbustion chamber volume. When you have the heads off grind the lump out of the exhaust port if it hasn't been done already, this is good for about 10 extra hp. Also check the cam timing, later engines have the cam retarded [its done in the timing sproket] if you have a set for a 70 or 71 and later it will have the cam timing retarded in the "straight up" position. Get an early set and recheck timing, if the cam mfg. hasn't already ground 4deg advance into the cam advance the cam 4 deg for better low rpm torque.

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Chris C
(no login) Torque
No score for this post December 28 2000, 2:39 PM

Be careful when choosing an intake, most aftermarket intakes actually lose off-idle torque compared to the stocker. The exception is the Edelbrock Performer, it will give about 10ftlbs more and a quite a bit more topend power.
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