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Just received this email from MSD yesterday. If any of you guys need any MSD products just let me know. Some of their products have a huge markup.

Dear MSD Warehouse Distributors and Authorized Dealers:

In April 2007, MSD introduced the Maximum Value Program (MVP), a unilateral pricing program intended to ensure pricing integrity on the MSD product line. Over the last year and a half, we feel the MVP program has done what we intended.

The current economic climate, the kind of which we have never faced before, has dramatically slowed consumer spending. Consequently, we feel that the pricing regulations of the MVP program are now limiting our jobbers and retailers from promoting and doing whatever it takes to get the sale. In this economic climate, that is simply not acceptable.

After much deliberation, MSD Ignition has made the decision to temporarily suspend the pricing regulations and allow our Authorized Dealers to react to the economic downturn. Our Authorized Dealers may now set the retail price for MSD products and can promote and sell without pricing restriction. All remaining provisions of the MVP agreement remain unchanged and in full force and effect. I believe this will stimulate sales of all MSD products and aid all of us in weathering this economic cycle. This policy change goes into effect on December 23, 2008 and will stay in place until further notification. Also, prior to the time we re-implement the pricing regulations, we will give plenty of notice so that Authorized Dealers can change their advertising, price lists and promotional materials. Please feel free to call Fred Petrivelli or myself if you have any questions.

Russell Stephens
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