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Mud Freak update

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Mud Freak update ?? :-(


I know you have some news! What happened ???:D
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x4! i dont have a clue whats going on but hey im excited ! lets hear it !!!!
HAHA sorry guys we decided to camp out for an extra night and just relax for a night.

But what a weekend we had!!! The truck ran almost flawlessly all weekend, had a near death experience after I hit the wall and lost a rear tire sending my side ways out of the pit and being on the knife edge of rolling it over, luckily the tire was not damaged, and after a quick shot of ether, it was back on and we were ready for round two. I ran pro stock and open class this weekend, AND WON BOTH CLASSES!!! Also won fastest run of the weekend award with another 4.0 second run with a reaction time of .024, I was happy with the awards, but still slightly dissapointed with not catching that elusive 3.xxx run. I sheered the power steering pump shaft sunday morning as I was driving the truck around warming it up. Luckily a friend of mine had a pump that swapped right into place. I also had one run, which would have definitly been in the 3s, but at half track I suddenly lost fuel pressure, nearly stalling the truck. It coasted for 40+ feet, then caught back up again, run was a 4.25, so theres not a doubt in my mind that it would have been in the 3s for sure.

I haven't had a chance to look through vids yet, but I'll try to get some up on here shortly. There is one on facebook, but I don't think I can link to it on here??
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heres a couple pics from a friends camera


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Glad to hear that you are OK. Was a little worried about you when you didn't post back !! Glad the truck ran well. .024 is a great light!! Can't wait to see the video.

Took two classes!!! That's great!! The truck looks totally different going down the track from last year that's for sure!

Your running in pretty deep fast track mud for sure so that may hurt your times a little bit. 3's are still coming soon, I'm sure. Glad you were able to avoid the catastrophe !! Hope you have all your close calls out of the way for the year!!

Video's tonight??:D

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yeah the vid is loading right now, so it should be up in a few.

I had no idea the tire had come off, I just knew I had takin a bad hit on the wall and was heading for a wreck. I stayed on the throttle as I was slidding sideways in hopes that it would straighten out. The truck was leaned over far enough for my tires to be rubbin the truck somewhere, I could hear the lugs catchin on something. But it did finally slow down and come to a stop. I got out and smacked the hood, happy that I was not on it HAHA, then drove off without my right rear tire. I thought it felt weird, and once I got to the pressure washer I hoped out and noticed my 3 tire fire HAHA. I think thats the closest I have ever come to rolling without actually going over. Bad part was my brother got the run but didnt get the slide, you can see me hit the wall and just start to skid then he ducks the mud and shuts off the camera LOL.

I also broke a bulb off of the new timing tree, I saw it on my first run 2nd day, but when I pulled up for the next round, one of the stage lights were missing. I asked my father in law 'who the hell broke our bulb!!!' He says 'YOU DID YA SOB, I'M DUCKIN MUD CHUNKS AND GLASS SHRAPNEL EVERY TIME YOU RUN YA B**TARD' HAHAHAHA
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heres the vid, I added a bunch of different trucks from different classes. The purple '79 has a very fresh 545BBF, but he busted a rear axle, and still to do some tuning on the engine, but it sounded nasty!!

Good looking passes. Your still running in a decent amount of mud. I'm going to bet your going to turn in a 3.8 as soon as you get a real clean pass. The track looked good though, the lanes were pretty even.

Great job breaking the lights. You know your "Hook'in & Book'in" when you can break the tree while launching!!There were some fast truck in there. They have to be wondering what they are going to do about you!

Congrats on your fastest track time! THATS GOTTA MAKE YOU FEEL PRETTY GOOD!!. Great job, sorry your truck now sports the crooked grin.:rolleyes: I'm just glad it didn't take the big bounce.

See ya,

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yeah, I just realized that I set a new track record as well, the previous record was a low 6 second run by a friend of mine. He set that 2 years ago, I guess we'll see how long this one holds out!! I reset the record last weekend as well, I had broke the record last year, then I beat my own record again last weekend. I guess everything is heading in the right direction now. Got to add another trophy to the collection and put $1000 in the truck fund. I'm off for abit now, no races around here this up coming weekend, and I have to work for two weeks after so my next race will be mid to late july.

After a bunch of these racers went through our style of mud race, many of them are going to try and set theres up the same way, so if all goes well, I'll have maybe two bog style events and the rest will be mud drags!!
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thats awesome! i wish we had them around here... some times just mud boggin gets boring at the same 2 places, AWESOME truck!
August 24 and 25 is bonanza, i assume you are gonna run there, and august 10-11 is dreamers lake. I am going to run both this year. When is G.P this year myron?

Wanted to be there, Tractor pulls were boring with no modifieds, 6 hours of clunkers get old fast, even when you have your own there lol .
You mean July don't you? I seen the posted up around here it said July 24-25th. I plan to be at either Bonanza or Teepee Creek for dirt drags if it gets going.

GP is Aug 14-15, haven't decided if I wanna attempt to run in Dreamers Lake yet after last years apparent crap fest.
My bad, looked at the schedule agian. Dreamers is still having issues with something so its not yet 100 percent, something enviromental came up, they will let me know this weekend.

I should have ran teepee, truck was ready too. Oh Well. Next year
I think you would have done really well in the super stock class, Dave Hiebert, Mike Norris, and another dude were 1st-3rd, I think you woulda knocked one of them out of the placing for sure.
How did tyler walker do in the buggy. I gave him a set of zoomis for the 460, did he get them on?
he did better then he usually does, still no win but he is slowly starting to run a little better. He didnt have zoomies on, I'm gonna make fun of him when he gets them on though, I'm not a big fan of them LOL
heres another couple pics I found, as you can see, beadlocks of some kind may be in my near future!! HAHA


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