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I have my truck for sale. Only raced one year, in the down-and-back style races but would easily work with other racing with different tires.

List of parts

-79 Bronco frame, boxed with all tube crossmembers

-Kingpin Dana 60 front
-Yukon 35 spline outer axles (4340)
-Yukon hardcore flange drives
-Aluminum diff cover with internal cap girdle
-Support braces
-PSE 2-way extreme duty hydraulic cylinder kit with chromoly tubing and heims
-Cage Offroad trailing arms (delren bushings on one side, 1 1/4 heims on pivot) and brackets
-Limit straps

-9" Ford rear
-Nodular iron center section
-full spool
-aluminum pinion support
-Big Moser Chromoly Axles
-Full 4-link and mounts by Giant Motorsports with Qa1 1 1/4 heims
-Limit straps

Front -King 14" 2.5" remote reservoir coilovers with dail-adjust
-King 2" to 4" 2.5" bumpstops
-Set of Pro comp 11" and 13" limit straps
-Offroad engineering HD sway bar kit
Rear -King 14" 2.5" remote reservoir coilovers
-King 16" 2.5" triple bypass shocks
-King 2" to 4" 2.5" bumpstops
-Pro comp 11" limit straps
-Offroad engineering sway bar kit

-Drivetrain (521 BBF and Powerglide not sold with this)
-Atlas 2 t-case with billet powerglide conversion
-Tom Woods 1350 cardan flange drive front driveshaft (long travel)
-High Angle Driveline (HID) 1350 cardan flange drive rear driveshaft
-Included with this truck is PSE full hydraulic steering kit with LEE power steering pump and 3.5" desert series pulley with reservoir and pro-cooler, 100amp alternator with 6" pulley, both front and mid motor plates (6061 1/4" aluminum)

-Wheels and Tires
-16" Diamond racing 32bolt beadlock rims, wide offset
-(6) 35 x 10.50 Super Swamper Boggers pairs cut for different tracks (2 of the aggresive cuts only have 5 passes, the others have 2 years)

-Aluminum racing radiator with aluminum shroud and dual fans
-Radiator plumbed from back to front for BBF's
-Dual Derale exteme transmission coolers with filter housing, all plumbed with AN line and fittings for Powerglide

-Coyote Gear custom fuel tank with mech. gauge,12an outlet, 8an return, all aluminum welded with internal slosh baffle
-mounts for MagnaFuel prostar 500 setup (need to keep pumps and regulators, and filters unless price is right)

-83 Ranger cab, completely lightened, all aluminum floorboards,firewall,and tunnel
-Aluminum dash, Autometer sportcomp gauges, 5" recall tach
-Corbeau XL/XW suspension seat
- CNC remote reservoir dual turning brakes with wilwood pedals
- CNC pull-type throttle pedal (CORR truck style)
-All lexan and polycarbonate glass
-1 5/8 10 point roll cage NHRA thickness, more than absolutely safe. (added gussets and awesome bending)
-Crow fully adjustable padded 5 point harness
-Quick release 2.5lb fire extinguisher

-Dual 1000ca optima batteries
-All professional wiring (no junk)
-ARC flatscreen touch switch panel with relay and board for 8 positions

-Front clip is a Fiberwerx 2010 ranger 3-piece conversion- very nice
-Rear fenders are Fiberwerx 2010 ranger conversion
-All panels are easily removable in and out for easy cleanup
-Toredor red metallic clearcoat paint

I've spent years building this truck to be the best I think it could be. Also not sure how fast you can put this truck into a corner, but in a dry field, at 7500 rpm in second, high side, you can turn the wheel and hit the brake and it'll turn 4 circles and only lift one wheel! Really fun!! You could literally put a ignition box, fuel pump and BBF-tranny setup in it and go racing. I have put over $23,000 in this setup alone. My intention was to put a 600cube BBF in it next year. But due a few to people in my class, I'm more intrigued to build a Drag Car. I would like to get $17k out of this unless you have a 7.5second roller chassis car (Ford of course) or somthing like that. Located in Southern Iowa. You can call me at 641-203-0579 or PM me. Delivery possible, always up for a field trip! Thanks!!!!

Posting Pics soon

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Looks like a good deal to me, I know how much money a person can get into one of these trucks, I've got a black one with green flames. To anyone looking I have seen this truck and it is Very Nice!!!

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