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mud racing poll, auto or stick

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i have always run 4 speeds but have been tossin up the decision of puttin my c6 in...... who likes which best?

obviously wheel speed wins 9 times out of 10 and with a 4 speed you can really only go as fast as you can go in 1 gear... but then again there probably isnt much shiftin in a auto either.... hmmm
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c6 x 1000
x2 I hit every gear in my C6 on just about every run. Get it built by the right person (Frank Merkle) and you'll never look back!!
nuff said... my boss just put a 700hp chebby motor in a mud blazer he bought with a 6000 stall converter, and my god that bastard launched! he's only running half ton axles to, personally i would think that there would be less snap with an auto to meaning less broken u joints n such... (instead on dumping clutch to launch) and plus i find my self smokin clutches often

i have a pretty strong mild 460 i was thinkin like a 2400-2800 stall with my c6?
and i trust you guys are way more experienced than me to, anytime you 2 start a thread i check it out cuz your **** is the bomb! :cool:
Thanks !

Myron's is fast for real, mine is only "THE BOMB":D

what kind of flex plate do i need? i have a 71 460.... int or ext balance? i never remember, probably order one today
internal balance

and Jeff might not think he's fast, however, he has had runs in the 3s, I have not...yet LOL.
Myron's right! Yes if you can get Mr.Merkle to build you a C6 VB I think you'd be muddy ahead!:D

I think Critters and Mud Freak both wear Frank's armour. If I would have known about Mr.Merkle I'd sure have used his stuff!!

I've got two of them! How about that?
you have two!! I just got one, but I don't think I'll need a second one with the way he builds them!!
If you haven't figured it out from all these posts, c6 is the way to go!
I have been doing this since 78 and tried standard one time, went back to auto, C6 with with eod internals.
ok im def. puttin my c6 in but how do i know which count ring gear i need?
you have two!! I just got one, but I don't think I'll need a second one with the way he builds them!!
The second one is for my street/drag car, '70 Torino with a 472.
does this fella have a webiste or parts list or pricing or what?!
No, but if you do a quick search in the transmission section on here, you'll find him pretty quickly. ;)
tough time deciding what converter to get... i only have a 480 lift cam ( idle - 5500) and as far as i know i have stock compression ratio in motor.. i wanna get around 2500-2800 stall i THINK, but this winter i plan on doin up the motor with flat tops and bigger cam. my problem is i dont wanna get a stall converter now and then have to get a different one to match the power when i get it
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