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Mud racing Vids

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Well Im new to the site.. came looking for info on my motor, and seen that there was a section for trucks and such and that there is actually alot of mud racers on here.. Dont find that everyday.. Hard to find people that are interested in mud racing AND know how to work a computer.. haha

I run a 79 F150 truck, 545 bbf through a c6, 4 link rear 9".. We mostly race fast track around here.. here are some vids..

First pass ever, brand new truck, hard *** rear suspension before the backhalf, dirt road down street

Before backhalf.. first pass at track

After the backhalf

Lazy.. no timing.. consistency race

no timing again..

clicked it half track trying to dial into the 4.0 class.. actually went a 4.002 for the win lol

3.5 class

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Welcome to the site, theres a ton of guys here into mud racing of all types. I don't think there has been a question asked without a good answer recieved

Great lookin truck!! looks like it runs real straight

Post some pics of the truck, front and rear suspension setup etc, I'd love to see it!!
goes straight as hell.. not too bad for first mudtruck, first backhalf, first 4 link and basically learning how to weld on her.. lol..


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Welcome Hambone ! Your truck is fast for sure! Great job!

Welcome. sweet truck it $#its and gets pretty well. love the old fords
Dig yer truck Hambone!! Looks like it works very well! Welcome!

She works well.. im considering puttin a little more bite in her thought.. yank those front tires up lil more.. front left just barely comes up now and she dont jump off the line like I want.. but also if i put bite in her, the suspension wont work as hard down track. Its just a hard call.. Guess I just need to play with it.. I havent touched any suspension since they day i pulled her out shop after backhalf. lol.. Everyone needs a video of their car/truck on the rear bumper just for bragging rights.. prob put a **** ton of bite in her and try to flip her over backward.. hahaha
while we are talkn bout your cool truck lets see some details on the motor! looks to be pretty nasty already. by the way what were your times and how long is that track or tracks you run at?
Simple motor.. 4.5 crank, 6.8 rods, .30 pistons, victor jr heads, 700+ solid roller cam, victor jr intake, 950 ultra hp holley carb. [email protected] [email protected] on a safe tune up..

Tracks are 200ft here.. all out on motor she'll go 3.40x all night, baby pills she's been 2.984

The biggest class here is 4.0.. so I knock sometiming out and and try and run the number ofcorse, its pays out with 25 trucks lined up..

I run 3.5 mostly but its not a popular class, normally only get 6-8 trucks, hurts the payout,

Run consistency everytime, truck is deadly consistent.. I wont the consistency class the VERY FIRST race the truck ever raced, she knows her number and she goes it.. haha Always have a good field for consistency, sometimes 40 trucks.. pays the bills

I run pro/outlaw from time to time if the bad boys arent there and I got a chance to place. Some of these bigtime local guys are going 2.4 and faster down here. There is talk of a guy that went 1.9 couple weeks ago in Mississippi, Ill stay on the trailer before I waste the laughing gas on him.. They always take care of the pro class.. they've paid me $500 for winning with only 3 trucks in the field.

I love this truck though, she is fun and I can pretty much run whatever class I want and actually compete.. Ive won 4.0 3.5 and consistency on 3 separate occasions, so she deff can bring in the money and keep us busy between classes preparing.
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what sorta trans set up and gear ratio do you run??
x2....and if you dont mind explain the 4.0, 3.5, and consistency class. we mainly have tire size class with restrictions of course. im guessing you cant run faster than 4secs in the 4.0?
Right.. 4.0 is basically heads up racings with 4.0 being the time to go.. whoever gets closest wins. 2 passes per race.. same with 3.5.. consistency you make 2 passes, 2 most consistent passes win.. so if i go 3.456 3.457, Im prob going to win.. pro is run what you brung.

We pretty much just run the time classes around here so whoever wants to race, can race. Noone gona say your tires are cut, or not cut, or too big or whatever ya know..

Trans is c6, manual valve body with a brake. 5 clutches in every drum, higher load springs, nothing special.. 3500 stall converter.. I use to run a np205 case but swapped it for a borg warner 1356 since it is so much lighter and bolts right up. I was worried I was going to bust it, but it has been just fine.

I run 39.5 rear tires, 31fronts.. 3.55 gears up front... 4.56 gear in rear.. Ive got a formula for figuring out gear ratios with diff size tires if anyone ever needs it, just let me know..
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do you run your tcase in hi or lo range? you hold the trans brake at 3500 as well?
I would like that formula for ratio. thanks sandy
I run it in high actually.. LOTS of people disagree with this around here, but I just show em the envelope full of money and walk away..

Chart is bellow


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That didnt turn out very well.. lemme see what I can do with it in editing.. i have to convert the image and it got all nasty looking
how many times do you shift in a run with hi range? I know I tried lo and hi on a dirt track to see what the difference would be. I ended up running the same times, hi had faster speed at the end, but lo had a quicker hole shot.
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