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My 512 CI A-460 Dyno sheet and flow numbers

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Dyno Test was done at Dave Mclains
compression 13.5 to 1
276 284 @.050 .735 lift 108 lobe sep
I wasnt really impressed but this is the first time I have had one of my motors dynoed. I have a bigger cam I need to put in. This is in a 87 ranger mud racer.

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Jon, Is that a Lunati cam part number 5106? It sure looks like it by the specs you gave. I ran that cam in my 557 with reworked A429 CJ's. I never dynoed the motor but we estimated about 850 HP. It ran a best of [email protected] weighing 2600 lbs. I run alky also. I had a lifter failure so I am switching to a custom grind from Carroll Carter at C&C Motorsports. The old cam worked OK but we felt like it was a little on the small side for my motor. I would definitely think with your heads that you could use more cam.Just my 2 cents. Good luck
I would like to copy that engine,plese tell all data. Looking 13.5-14.5 cr what piston you are using ? is A-460 chamber still over 90cc ?
Motor data.....

Dive block with Bluethunder 4-bolt caps on 2,3,and 4.
Eagle 4.14 crank
Eagle 6.8 rods
Manton 3/8 push rods
Comp SS Rockers
Jomar stud girdle
Old TFS intake

Arias Pistons They that are a shelf piston with the Dual Intake Valve reliefs cut. 7cc dome

The heads were done by Ford Performance Soulutions. Long story but do not have them do your heads!!!!

I flat milled the heads .100 only to get the chamber down to 80cc's.(Dissapointed) FPS ran a cnc program on part of the chamber and really opened them up to much.

compression ended up at 13.5-13.8 to 1.
Yes it is the 5106 Lunati cam that is in it now.

My new cam is 284 304 @.050 .830ish with 113 lobe sep. I have not installed it yet thou. I want to switch cams and re dyno and see what happens. The new cam should defenitly move the peak HP up. I think with this new cam it should peak around 7500 rpm and make 850 HP at least...I HOPE!!!! One thing I think is interesting is I think it would make a great street terror engine, if you could afford fuel. It really doesn't sound that radical,Sounds very healthy but not radical.
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Have you had the engine back on the dyno since the cam change?


Nope not yet... I dont even have the new cam in yet....

Im still working on the chassis and drivetrain but maybe this winter I will have enough time to put the new cam in.

Which A heads are you running? How much porting?
These are the newer style A460's with a cnc port job done by FPS.

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