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First post here,

Allow myself to introduce myself:

Hey Guy's, just went looking for this site yesterday. I'm new to the site but not new to BB Ford's have been around them since 1980. I'm a little new to posting have only been doing it since June on a couple of boat site's. My current Big Inch Ford is in my brother and my Califonia Peformance Jet Boat 19' Open Bow. It's a 9 person family "ski" boat that ran 103 on the bottle with this engine combo in it from 2000-2006. The new combo is faster. I'll write about it later.

In 2000 I decided to "pump" up our 565" A-460 it had been a 780 HP 10.2:1 compression pump gas engine. It made 783 HP at 6,250 it was built to run a 250-300 HP nitrous shot on top of the N/A hp.

We bumped the comp to 10.8 and increased the cam to a Crower Roller (Dan Crower of CrowerPower.com) has done our cam's for yrs. ( I have done 3 EngineMaster's Engines with Dan. Met Kaase the first year the competition was at World Products )

Cam spec's : Dur at .050 was 279/285 adv. dur 317/325 lift of .750/.760 on a 112 lobe sep.

Engine Spec's: 565" (4.600 x 4.25 )

Block SVO A-460, Heads FordMotorsport A-460, Crower/SVO crank 4.25", Crower BBC rod's 6.536", Crower 1.73 Enduro SS rocker's,Arias piston's coated, Jomar Stud gridle.

The head flow #'s are with 2.3" Ferrea int(ss)/ 1.88" ex. :

.400- 288/238
.450- 312/262
.500- 336/285
.550- 359/300
.600- 374/310
.650- 385/319 (83%)
.700- 397/326
.750- 401/331
.800- 402/336

I had a few extra part's that I wanted to try out on the dyno so we played with the FordMotorsports A-460 (TFS) intake and the Trick Flow tunnel ram that I had for a bit. Since my brothers and my boat is a "sleeper" we weren't going to run two dominator's on it so I had a friend make a top to put a single dominator on the tunnel ram.

Here is what they looked like:



And the A-460 intake:

The Horsepower number's looked like this:
(I'll post the dyno sheet's later)

Single dominator on Tunnel Ram:
4500-- 628........538
5000 -- 690........657
5500-- 712........746
6000-- 705........806
6500-- 666........825
6800-- 632........818

Peak trq 712 5,500
Peak pwr 832 6,200 & 832 6,600

Dyno Sheet:

Single Plane FordMotorsport:


4500-- 627.........537
5000-- 703.........669
5500-- 707.........740
6000-- 702.........802
6500-- 683.........845
6800-- 656.........850

Peak Trq [email protected] 5,800
Peak Pwr [email protected] 6,600

Dyno Sheet:

As most of you can see from the picture's the single TR set-up had some serious distribution problems. It may have performed better if we had spent some time with dam's, turtle's or diverters to get the air to flow better to the outer clyinder's. For those who have seen inside a Trick Flow TR the runner's are huge, so we could have used some epoxy to close them down a bit that may have helped also.

This post is now complete, any comment's ?



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Welcome to the website lots of good info here.

Is this Jon Cloud? If it's i have the Jan.1996 Super Ford magazine with your engine build up in it.I miss the old Super Ford magazines at least they had BBF build ups now and then.I just helped my cousin get his 557 with A-460 heads running.It's probably about 14.1 compression,260 to 270 duration at .050 and at least .700 valve lift,heads flowed 371 and 300 at .700 lift.He's hoping his 3,600 lb car runs at least high 9's with it sounds pretty healthy.Your engine makes good power are you still running only 10 to 10.5.1 compression.Nice talking to you.

Later Mark.

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Hello Mark,

Yes it is. And I miss SuperFord alot. It was the best all around Ford Magazine ever. When it got sold I was told by Doug Baker at ESI in San Diego that it would be gone within a year. He said Perterson only purchased it to shut it down so there would be less competition for their magazines and he was correct.

The 855 HP combo in this thread had 10.8:1 compression. It has had quite a few changes since then that I did this past summer. When I get time I'll right up a thread about the new combo, but here is a copy of the current dyno sheet; it has 11.8:1 comp. and it is still a single dominator:



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jones said:

Thank you for sharing your build info.

No problem. I have been forunate to be able to build(pay for) some of the thing's I have. I don't mind sharing some of my knowledge to help someone else make a decision on building their Ford.

As people use to say "Been there done that". But I'm still learning and still dreaming.


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