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Hello everyone since in close to having my engine done a few member suggested i start a build thread. If i screw up maybe it will savesone else some time and money. I will up date the list all the way through the dyno good or bad.

Ford Racing A460 block
Callies magnum 4.3 stroke crank
Oliver Max billet 6.8 rods
Calico coated bearing
Kaase oil pump
Morroso pan and pick up
Ford racing block plug kit
Diamond nitrous pistons
Extra duty wrist pins
Danny B or True double roller not sure yet
All ARP hardware
Bronze bushed .904 lifter bores
Comp elite race solid roller lifters
Custom Kaase heavy nitrous cam ( specs to come)
Kaase Racing ported P51 heads
Titanium valve upgrade
Valve spring upgrade
TD shaft rockers
TFS Mafia intake
Cometic and flatout gaskets
Thats all for now gotta let bank account recover:):):)
Well got my kasse oil pump and assorted other parts all thats left is machine work and assembly im going with kuntz and company for machine work. There pretty close to home and i hear they do good work. If someone could tell me how to post pictures i would post up the heads and cam card.

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For the first big block, it looks like you are doing it right.... or at least, you got the right parts, sounds great! good luck.
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