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I figured I would list a few of the results from my new truck motor so that it may help a few people that are looking for information on similar build. This was a bit of a Frankenstein build using parts I had that would work verses what would have been optimal.

1. 460 bored 0.030 and stroked 4.15 (scat cast)
2. H beams rods
3. 33 cc dish Keith black hypers – 8.75:1
4. Comp cams 282S cam with recommended springs (130 seat pressure/236 deg at 0.050
/0.570 lift, installed at 110 deg)
5.D3VE heads heavily worked at home on my home made flow bench. 2.25 int/ 1.75 exh, bronze guides, roller rockers, obviously adjustable valve train to work with the solid cam
6. Stock valve covers
7. Edlebrock performer RPM intake
8. Edlebrock 750 cfm carb mechanical secondaries
9. Heads milled 0.020 and block milled 0.017 (zero deck).

Items of note:
1. Idle vacuum is 15" Hg
2. Even with somewhat light valve springs there is no sign of float at 6100 RPM.
3. Idle is slightly rough
4. Dyno 2000 says about 500 HP. Did not confirm this as I built the motor for towing. I will say that it will blow the 33” tires off in every gear but 4th. This is even from a rolling start. so basically, what ever the power is can be summarized as "enough" and anything more would be for bragging rights only (at least in my application).
5. This is in a 78 ford F250 4x4. NP435 stick, NP205 transfer case, D60 rears.
6. The energizer roller rockers fit under completely stock valve covers
7. Less than $4000 invested ($1300 rotating assembly, $600 machine work heads, $350 machine work block, $800 total valve train, $300 clutch/press plate, bearings/gaskets/lubes/filters etc are the rest of the cost)
8. MPG - looks to be about 6. However I have not driven it like a grandma either. I broke the cam in per comp’s procedure and using Lucas heavy truck oil (1400 ppm ZDDP), and after that it has had several hard runs up to 80 mph and 6000 rpm.

(and yes i know that this displaces 502", but i want no confusion from the the ignorant masses that think a 502 a chevy crate motor, so i "derated" by an inch)

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Sounds like you got it going your way, thanks for sharing 8)

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Very sensible engine especially using a lot of parts you already have.
I love the fact that it's a mild solid lifter camshaft; so many people nowadays seem to believe that solid lifters are only for a street/strip type engine.
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