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ok here goes.

the car is a 1972 XA Falcon 4dr sedan, have owned it now for about 5yrs and this is its second rebuild
Originally the car ran a 250 6cyl and i had a 5speed behind it.

After going to summernats (for you yanks, its basically Oz's bigger car event) a couple of yrs ago i decided to "fix" a few little things i didnt like about the car.... only to strip the car right back to bare metal and... rest they say is history and the build still continues, hopefully to be finished sometime in 08.

I was going to run a 250ci 6 with a turbo for a long time, but, somehow the cubic inch bug bit hard so sold of the turbo motor and a 460 with C6 came along. (sold the c6 tho)
The 460 is a D9VE with smog heads (cant remember the casting, they have the EGR port) which i have ported myself. i removed the thermactor hump in the exhaust and opened them up a little but havent gone too over board, just a nice clean up. Alloys will be comming once the car is back on the road so am just going to make do with the iron heads for now.

So far the 460 has gotten:
* .30tho over rebore
* speed pro flat top pistons
* shot peened rods
* fully balanced
* ARP bolts fitted through out
* Clevite 77 bearings
* comp cam XE274H-10, lift .562 inlet, .565 exhaust, dur @ .50 230 & 236
* weiand stealth inlet
* barry grany mighty demon 750
* roller rockers
* new lifters
* rollmaster timing chain
* high energy sump
* procomp ignition (this maybe changed soon)
* mellings oil pump
* tri y headers, 2 in primarys into 3in collectors into dual 3in exhaust with hooker aero chamber mufflers.
* oh, the block has been decked and with the iron heads comp should be around 9.5-10:1 (builder hasnt told me yet)..... and no i dunno how much power it will make :( be nice to get 1hp per cube at least :)

Behind all that i have a Tremec TKO 600 5speed going in, then onto a 9in

The body is amost ready for mock up/paint, have a couple of rust repairs in the doors and then once the gearbox and clutch etc arrives we can finish the balancing on the motor and get it all home so the fun can begin.

The plans for the car are to be a good all rounder, something we can take down the 1/4, fang around a track but still be able to cruise on the highway or goto the shops or pickup the kid from school. Trying to plan the build so the car still has pretty good performance but still be reliable, and IF it does stop on the highway, it can be fixed easily.
Using items like twin v belt pullys, so if one belt breaks, we can still get to where we goin without changing a belt on the road and get us to where we goin. Will be running a holley 130gph mechanical fuel pump as i dont like electric pumps.
Have been making my own long range fuel tank and trying to keep it looking factory, thats almost done, just need the new 1/2in pickup section made for inside the tank, then i can weld the 2 halves together and bingo, one big *** tank (should be around 140lt) for those long highway trips.

Its all the little things i think need addressing when trying to build a car like this, it would be so much easier to build a drag monster or a simple track weapon, but its not the case and having to keep the car comfortable for the missus and kid, some sacrifices need to be made i guess but, im happy with that. Guess if anyone has seen wrecks to riches on the TV, thats the sorta route im going down, i like the way barry white builds those cars, mucsle cars with some moden stuff thrown in yet they still have miles of grunt!

anyway heres some pics, 1st pic is how the car looked after the 1st build, the rest are as the car is now.... enjoy, cheers


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Nice looking XA sedan, always had a soft spot for the XA Falcon. Keep us posted on the 460 build should make 1 HP per cube with a stack of torque down low to really melt the treads. I'm getting a 460 based engine built at the moment also. Cheers.


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thanks chris

yeh she used to look pretty nice, bit depressing seeing her the way she is now but, we'll get there again!!

with my engine build i wanted enough grunt to melt the tyres when i stood on the throttle at anytime, but didnt want a high revving screamer, hence my cam having a strong mid range, and using the dual plane manifold, the smaller 750 carb (with 2in super sucker spacer), should be pretty snappy, especially with the manual and will be running 3.5's in the back, which should give me around 2200rpm @ 110km/h on the freeway, which works well cause the cam range is 1800-6000 so hopefully it all works well together.

the ratios in my tremec are:
1st 2.87
2nd 1.89
3rd 1.28
4th 1.00
5th .82
so as you see pretty close together and with the 460's torque i keep being told about, im pretty excited!
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