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One of my front coils on my truck seems to have collapsed so I need to replace them. So, figured I'd ask on what I should be roughly running.

1994 Lightning
AJE coilover front suspension
(also moved the engine back 2.5" and down 2.5" when we motor plated it).
Rear is Koni double adjustable coilovers with a 4 link setup.

Front bumper, fenders, hood, and cowl are all fiberglass, so lots of weight removed there. The rear hasn't really been lightened at all, just wheel tubs put in and stock tank removed and installed a bed mounted 15 gallon cell.

When I got the kit from AJE, they supplied 14"x2.5" - 175# springs.

The rears, I was running a 14" x 2.5" - 115 or 125# Hypercoil in the back (AJE recommended that too)

I I have a set of either 150 or 200# springs too, I'd have to verify what they were for sure.

So, what would a good baseline be for:

Truck with me in it and tailgate on:
LF: 851 RF: 841
LR: 844 RR: 800
Total is 3337#
47% rear bias

Truck with me in it and no tailgate:
LF: 862 RF: 858
LR: 806 RR: 746
Total is 3271#
49% rear bias

I'll be running it with the tailgate off, unless it needs the little extra weight there for launching.

So, with those corner weights, what 14x2.5 springs do I get for the front and rear?

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my left front was 990, right front was 960 with me in it. i used 250s for street not strip use. 200pounders might be your ticket. fwiw, zbob
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