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need block help

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i have a block that i need to see if somone can tell me what it is. it has cj in the lifter valley 460 on the back of the block and block # is dove-a and not a 4 bolt main? Thanks
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its a d0ve-a block... 1970 passenger car block... not terribly special... can be converted to 4 bolt main if you want to spend the money, but i wouldnt bother on anything street driven.
Why the cj in the lifter valley? Thanks
It could be a CJ block for 1970, as the CJ was a standard 2 bolt main block and the SCJ was a 4 bolt main based on the same casting.

For 1971, both CJ and SCJ were 4 bolts.
wanna sell it?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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