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need help IDing PArts

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Axles and mounts

Axle supposedly out of a 76 F250 crewcab. Is it a 44? The hubs are big.

Are these 351M mounts?
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that is a d44 HD version, same as the 1/2 ton but with 8 hole instead of 5.
And it's also a low pinion, so different gear set from the normal d44 found in fords.
that axle is all of what they said also the big hubs only came on the "high boy" the bad part on the is the outer stub shafts do not interchange with the half ton 44 the snap ring on the outer part of the splines is cut at a different mesurment.....my 2 cents...if u are gonna have that in summin that is mostly street with some hauling fine other wise scrap it ! just from personal experience...Jordan
Here is the truck background.


The red trucks D44 pinion can be moved sideways +/- 1/4" so axles etc are replacements. The new hubs seem bigger than the one on the red truck. Red truck is an auto with a 203 with add-on Warn hubs - is that the difference?

Deal came with all 3 driveshafts, np205, np435, shift linkage, rear axle and lift blocks.
the dana 44 hd( big hub) hubs cannot be inter changed....the big hub was fords hybred axle if u will and then they noticed that it suckes and went back to the small hubs.....there are small hub or a normal size hub dana 44 hd axles with 8 lugs but they came later in the 70's like 78 79 etc.....i do think that the gears are all interchangeble ...as along ad they are both the same pinion like high or low ..most hd 44 are low pinion i believe....but its the outer hubs that suck .........ok rambeled on enuff ...Jordan
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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