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So I've finally burned down my set of MT drag tires.
They are right worn out. But I bought a set of tires with some 10 inch steel wheels from a swap meet a bit ago.
They are older bias ply tubeless. L-60-15's
The wheels needed some clean up so I took them down to the local Big O to take them off.
In the process of taking them off the dumb kid dug a gouge into the sidewall with the debeading spade.
Take a look at the pics please and tell me if you think the tire is junk.
I put them right on the home page of my website:


The tread is nearly perfect new. I figured they would get me through a few matches..
And right now I really don't have the $400 nearly for a new set...
But just in case... does anybody have a moderately used set of 26/10.5-15.

Dane V[/img]
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