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I'm installing the MSD Atomic EFI on my 4x4 truck. Can you help me get some of the initial parameters set?

I will be using the "fuel return" setup. And I will have the MSD Atomic control timing (once I get everything else working nicely). But for now ...

1) What should the base timing be set to (I currently use 12BTDC).
2) What should max timing be, and at what rpm should I get full advance?

For questions 3 and 4, I will probably have to just try and see what works (unless someone has this EFI installed on a similar setup as mine and can answer)
3) There is a setting for Pump Squirt (the instructions say it is normally between 15 and 35%, with 25% being a good starting point)
4) Power Valve Enrich (normally between 15 and 35%, higher for more stock engines).

Engine: 460 (.030 over), compression 9.5:1, heads TFS street port 290, Cam Crane hyd roller (216 deg Int, 224 deg Exh at .050 lift. 112 LSA. MSD pro-Billet dist w/ MSD 6AL, Intake Edelbrock Performer 460.
Ford F250 4x4, weight around 5500lbs, 4.56 gearing, 37 OD tires. Headers 1-3/4 primary to 3" collectors. Single 3" from collectors to muffler. Trans C6 with 2800 stall converter. I also have the Cheater NO2 system but I'll set that up later in the Atomic to pull timing.

I hope I provided enough info.
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