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Posted: Tue May 29, 2007 5:22 pm Post subject: Put a 429-460 in your 302/351 1970-71 Torino


You will nead the insulators and Engine block plates

Hardtopkiller wrote:
Use 302/351C frame stands.

Use Ford part# D1ZZ-6038-A insulators available from Ford. $79 ea.
I talked em down to $59. Auto zone reportedly carries a non Ford part

AutoKrafters sells block plates.
Not OEM looking but will work Fine
#6671FLBP 69.95 each

I did this swap. It all fits correctly

Also you will need to figure out how to hook up the shifter linkage or swap to a floor shifter
Bigger driveshaft
BBF bell pattern C6 with 13.5" tailshaft (not 17")
All the accessories brackets and power steering hoses
3 core radiator, critesrestoration.com fan shroud $100
new trans cooling lines
Hooker super comp 6115 headers
bigger front coil springs
9" rear axle. 28 open is OK if you aren't doing John force burnouts but I'd recommend a 31 spline
disk brakes
better seatbelts.

clean pair of boxers.

thats the article 68 mentioned. u should get on that site too though if u have a torino, and a lot of time to wait between clicking on things and loading...haha.....
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