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Pic of the engine(only difference is the Ford dizzy which is NOT in it now)

Since my other thread was all messed up, I decided to start a new one. Rather than type all that out again, the point is I am supposed to be leaving for the ARMY soon and need the money so this engine is up for sale. Has less than 10 hours total run time on it since I built it. The truck is still not done so I never even got to drive it. I have started the motor up and let it get warm every other week or so, and changed the oil a few times. I am asking $3k OBO and it isstill in the truck so you can hear it run.

Specs on the engine are as follows;

D9TE block, 0.030" over, zero decked(removed 0.035" from deck)
Speed Pro flattop hypereutectic pistons w/ 2 reliefs
stock 3Y crank, stock truck rods-resized, ARP bolts
Lunati Solid lifter cam(flat tappet) .559int/.572exh lift
237int/247exh dur. @0.050
300int/310exh ADV. duration
110 Lobe seperation, 106 centerline
Installed straight up, which makes it
4deg. advanced.
Lunati solid lifters
C9VE-A heads, 2.25int/1.76 Ferrea SS valves, ported all out by directions on Scotty's website, chambers polished and deburred, valves unshrouded, Scorpion 1.73 aluminum rockers, Lunati double valvesprings w/ dampers, Lunati retainers and 10 deg. locks. , intake heat ports blocked off
Decked heads 0.035" to remove some pitting, compression will be about 12-12.5:1 or so...
Cloyes Double Roller timing set, cam installed straight up
Weiand Stealth intake
Holley 850 DP
MSD Pro Billet dizzy, MSD 6A box, MSD Blaster 2 coil, Ford Racing 9mm plug wires, indexed Autolite plugs
Headers are L&L fenderwell exit, 1 3/4" primaries w/ 3" collectors, for now open exhaust
Weiand high-flow aluminum water pump, bypass to intake blocked off
aluminum underdrive crank pulley, aluminum wtr. pump pulley
180dg. thermostat w/ pass thru holes drilled

I entered in all my info above while playing around with Desktop Dyno and input some flow numbers I got off of Scott's site for some DOVE heads he ported, which I know are better than mine so I will be down on power a bit, and I got ~585hp, and over 610 tq.

Video of the engine running can be found at the link below;


Specs on the whole build of the truck it is in can be found here;


In the build at the link above, you can see the attention to detail that was followed during every portion of this build - nothing less was done for the engine. I have spent over $30k on this truck since I was 16, and have well over $5k in the engine alone.

I did trade my dad his Mallory Unilite distro/MSD plug wires for the MSD ProBillet/Ford Racing wires that used to be on this engine - no difference made except in looks.

Any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected], reply to this post, or give me a shout on my cell anytime at 863-670-5119. The engine is still in the truck, and the truck is at my dad's body shop in Plant City, Fl - about 10 minutes from Tampa.
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