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Lost interest in my project and need to make some garage room.

Selling a rust free 1972 Ranchero project and all parts I've acquired for it which include:

new 521ci crate engine
460ci which the car had when I bought it
rebuilt 351M
new performance automatics c6
c6 which the car had at purchase
rebuilt fmx (from the 351)

2 corbeau buckets
new front suspension components
new gas tank
additional body panels (hoods, tailgates, fenders, etc)
I have everything needed to put this car back together and probably enough to build half of another...

Located in Farmingdale, NJ
Asking 12,500..... pretty much just looking to get back the money i have the in 521 and new transmission, and essentially giving away the car and the thousands of dollars of parts I've acquired for it.

Will send email or text of pics or video of the car, engines, parts, etc. to anyone interested as that is probably easier that way. Would rather keep the package together but would consider parting out.
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