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This just in " over the transom" dyno'ed last week:

600", Blue Thunder Thor II heads, single 1,600 carb, 15:1 comp., 29* timing. 9" vac w/ vac pump.

Peak power: 1,130 @ 7,200
Peak trq: 885 @ 6,000 ( 1,011 hp)

I know it has a custom Erson Roller cam other than that no cam specs, but I'm working on it. There are plans to retrun to the dyno this Winter with a custom sheet metal TR and dual 1,200's. That could be interesting.

The engine belongs to and parts sourced by DSC Motorsports, engine built by fellow So-Cal boat guy Mike Miller. Mike has built more than a few killer BBC, this was his first "Killer" Ford. He was very happy with not only the parts but how they went together vs some of the Brand X stuff his done over the past few years.

When I get some more info I'll post it.



( posted with permission of DSC Motorsports, Anza Ca. )
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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