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New 950 double pump, proform main body, adjustable air bleeds, quickfuel billet gas metering blocks, holley baseplate, quickchange bowls, 50cc pumps front and back, never had fuel in it, brass floats. 550$ shipped
Holley tune up parts, jet kit(2 sets, 4 of each) 125$ shipped
50 cc pump conversions 30$ shipped
Tuning kit, pump cams, squirters,pv's, pv plugs 75$ shipped
Victor 460 4150 intake, was on an engine for 20 min for break in, was bead blasted but needs cleaned. Small ports, hasnt been ported or ground on 275$ shipped
Pair of 1150 dominator GAS 3 circuit metering blocks great shape 75$ shipped
everything is coming out of CANADA!!! Customs drag their feet ALMOST as bad as postal delivery, may take a couple weeks or more for it to get to you, finding this out as im shipping to U.S now


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