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Decided to "Let Go" LOL of a NEW Pair of Ford SVO A429 Cobra Jet Aluminum Heads that I have been holding on to. I am building a Cleveland to Race and have a used set of these heads to use on my 460 build for my 73 Mach 1 so I don't really have a need for them right now and I thought I would see if anyone was interested. Of course most of you guys already know that these heads will work with any production 429 460 engine and any 385 series engine with stock type replacement pistons. For those who don't know, these are not the current SCJ Heads that require special pistons because the Intake Valve Relief is at a different angle. Use these heads on any 429/460 with stock type pistons.
These heads are really new. I know it is hard to believe since they are from the 90s but they have never had a valve put in them unless it was before I got them. I am selling the heads with a Gasket Ported and Polished Cobra Jet Port Weiand Stealth Intake for $1,850.00 plus the ship charge. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Mike. 704-516-8033. By the way, I remember in other posts that guys asked about the Valve Clipping. Since these heads are basically Aluminum versions of the Iron Cobra Jet Head there really isn't any need to be putting a giant .800 inch cam in them so with a strong Street Strip engine you really wouldn't need anything over about a .650 lift cam and that will not cause a problem if these were the ones that had that issue.
I do have a New Australian Muscle Parts Belt Drive and New Probe Stroker Pistons in other posts.


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