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Hey guys,
Please take a look at my web site for some updates that I did tonight.
I added few new items of interest (hopefully) to the BBF enthusiast. I now offer a profiled belt drive motor plate for a BBF with a Danny Bee belt drive system. It features the same 6061T6 material and CNC laser "trimming" as my rectangular 36" X 12" plate, but has an upper profile cut.
The price is the same at $159.00

I finally finished the timing pointer that works with a Danny Bee on a BBF. You can get more details on the web site, but this little critter is very simple and very nice. It is designed to work with a short snout crank, 7" ATI balancer with a "C" or 10 o'clock timing location. It is laser cut from stainless steel and has 5 degrees of calibration adjustment.
The pointer is priced at $49.00

BUT...I saved the coolest for last. I had some t-shirts made! If you want to be ultra cool, strutting around the pits at the 'Bash...you probably should have one of these!
The whole story on the shirts, and pictures of everything are on the web site.
In the next couple of days, I will slap a picture on the forum.
Oh...I am asking $12 for the shirts.

Please take a look.
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