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New build hp numbers?

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.030 460 trw flatops zero deck block scat h beam rods eagle crank 3.85 stoke. tfs street heads. c460 cam 244-254 lift 595-621 victor intake with 1050 quick fuel carb msd ignition the limiting factor on hp is 1 7/8 primary tube to keep the power steering. Just wondering how close to the old crate motor on hp and tq, will it run on pump 93 octane gas? I know the headers can rob 25+HP
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Nice build. It's good to see a little compression being used. The limiting factor in this build is not the headers, but rather the cam. The headers are good to around 675-700 hp, and you'll not be getting that much with that cam. Do not be concerned about it. Having a broad torque range, which you'll have, is far more important than a peak hp number.

IMHO, I would throw in about 3-5 gallons of race gas in with each fill-up. It may/may not run fine on 93 octane, but it's better to have some cushion for the unexpected lugging, or running hot after doing 140 mph for 10 minutes. :D

Hope that helps,

You'll be able to extend the RPM of the motor with a good solid flat tappet cam. You'll have a better idle quality and more torque throughout the range as well. At least have a chat with one of the guys on the forum who spec cams for people.
95-97 octane will be required. Probably best to run it on 100 octane gas or E85.

Power should be close to 625 hp at 6000 and 580 tq at 5000. Not really going to start making power until 3000, so you'd better have some stall and gear in it.

Motor was originaly built with a Scotty J Soild lifter cam, We are backing down on the cam to help with the maintance. 3800 on the conveter with a 4.57 gear. I was thinking the same thing with the fuel mix as that's what I do with our 13.1 408w motor.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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