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New Converter Trouble

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Over the winter I purchased a new converter to replace what I thought was a broken sprag. I decided on a ~5200 stall from Transmission Specialties Inc without a sprag. I ran the new converter for the first race of the year and noticed zero difference in any incremental times. I got home and tore the trans apart and replaced the intermediate band, which was pretty much shot, added a R-Code TCI servo and a Sonnax F Code shift lever. I buttoned every thing back up and the truck will not move and the front pump will not pump. Last night I pulled the trans again and the gear in the front pump was chewed up and stripped out from the converter stout. I replaced the gear, measured everything and put the trans back in tonight. The new converter is the same height as the old one. Again the trans did the same thing. The truck will move a little upon start up and then nothing. I am assuming the gear stripped out again and it acts like the snout is not fully engaged in the pump. Any thoughts.
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Sounds like conv may be going too deep into pump and causing it to bind.
Did you change the flexplate? If so are they the same?
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