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Have a set of headers that were built for a motor I bought. They were for a foxbody and have never been ran. Have paint on them. They were suppost to be for a centered motor but when I got home and checked the plate they are for the standard offset. I have pics of the motor in the car so you can see the location.

I also have the motorplate as mine is centered so have to order another one.
ati 7in race balancer

also have a new king demon carb no numbers on carb Tony Akins told me he had a guy there build it for the 552 I bought. Never used put on car that never made it

$500 for headers
$200 for balancer
$700 for carb

Also have a 4500 NX 2 stage plate $175 or $200 with jets great shape

389 9in pro gears $150 or trade for 456 great shape
410 reg gears $100obo
{heavy duty} mini spools 28&31 spline NEW $25 each
flowmaster 2 1/4 collector mufflers $150obo for pair
2in stainless collectors and stainless mini bullets on end $200

will trade any of it for stuff I can use
good third members and part for 35 spline
4500 open plates must be big I have 2.5 butterflies prefer 2in
centered mustang motor plate
crank trigger
external oil pumps and systems or kasse pump
would even do dry sump if someone had some good stuff
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