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Hi I am a new guy to the form. I ran across this form and was impressed with the cars and trucks and there are a few where it was REALLY impressive as to what a 460 was put into. :shock: 8)

I just bought a 1973 Thunderbird that has the 460 in it. I am not sure what I am going to do with the car itself besides restoring the body and interior, it doesn't need much. The biggest thing is the color of the car. I will either paint it the same color or use the blue that was used on the 35th anniversary edition. As far as the engine goes, that is another story. I may keep it stock or build a fuel injection system for it. Either way it is MY TOY! I got tired of working on everyone else' stuff and decided to find something I WANTED AND WANT TO WORK ON!

When it comes to working on stuff. I was a ford technician for over 20 years. Got tired of ford's B/S and went to work for Caterpillar. Over the years I managed to save some service manuals from the 80's and 70's and have DVDs from 92-2002. While as a ford tech I did mostly Diesel and transmission work. I know that a lot of these rides are towed so if I can help you out let me know.

I would add a couple of pictures of my T-bird, but I am not sure how to do it on these boards. If some one will let me know how to down load pictures from my hard drive I will add them.
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