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New Guy With New Build

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Just wanted to say hello and thank you for letting me join. I would like to bounce my build off u fellas and see if you see any red flags or have any advice. I thank you in advance for your help.

Vehicle is a 1960 Galaxie Starliner that will be a slammed on the ground traditional 60's custom. This vehicle will be used for cruising (fast like), and for hauling illegal moonshine.

Engine: 72' Lincoln 460 with ported DOVE Heads (Heavy on Exhaust, Light on Intake), CJ Valves, screw in rocker studs, push rod guide plates, Spring will match cam which is the Comp 4x4 262H. Intake is the blue thunder dual quad (standard not CJ) with dual holley 1848's (465 CFM). The intake will be port matched. I am not sure the year of the block as have not torn down. Stock bottom end with dished HP Hyper pistons and ARP bolts. assembly will be balanced. Early timing chain. Dont know about exhaust yet as engine swap shorty headers (no ground clearance for long tube) and PI manifolds are very expensive. Any one got a set for good price? Trans will be a C-6 w/shift kit,9" rear with 290 gears. Thank you again.
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